This is how you burn wood!

We’ve made a video to show you how to get a wood fire burning properly. So that you get a clean combustion and much less smoke development. This prevents nuisance for neighbors and the environment. We use the top-down method for this. At the request of the Swiss government, research has been carried out into a production process that produces as little smoke as possible. This top-down method is characterized by the cross stacking of split dry wood, on top of that enough kindling and a few firelighters. In this way the fire gets enough air in the start-up phase and the flue is heated quickly, which ensures a good draft and a clean combustion. Good luck!

Burning tips

  • Use dry (15 to 20% moisture) and untreated wood!
  • Use the top down method
  • Use firelighters but no newspaper or paper!
  • Leave the door ajar when starting the fire, this provides extra air.
  • At the end let the fire burn out quietly

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