The BIJUGA is a very solid garden fireplace with stylish finishes for the real patio enthusiasts. Designed by Atelier René Knip, the BIJUGA is characterized by its balanced proportions, clean lines and beautiful details.

Constructed from strong 3 mm CorTen steel, the joining seams of the sheet material are folded outwards. All nuts and bolts are deliberately visible to give the outdoor fireplace a sturdy individual character. The hardwood merbau parts (knobs and push rod) do not get too hot, so you can operate this bad boy without worry.

The BIJGA is suited with two wheels and a push bar at the rear makes moving very easy.

View this fireplace on your terrace

Place this fireplace with your phone in AR and 3D on your terrace. Click on 'view in your space' at the bottom of the image and simply place the fireplace on your terrace and view it from every angle.

Technical information


  • Bijuga wheels (+ 2 wheels)


  • Extension flue pipe L= 500mm
  • Extension flue pipe L= 1000mm
  • Sparkcatcher in the rain hood
  • CorTen steel floor plate (745 x 745 x 3mm)

Technical drawing Bijuga wheels

360º photos