No terrace without a fire…

We have a passion for fire. Or well, outdoor fireplaces to be precise! Creating a relaxed yet stylish outdoor ambiance for you to (re)connect is something we are happy to help you with. Our team of professionals therefore designs, develops and produces fireplaces that offer exactly that feeling. All handmade in the Netherlands for a 100% quality product.

View our fireplaces in 360º on your terrace

Place our fireplaces with your phone in AR and 3D on your terrace. Go to the page of a fireplace and click on 'view in your space'. Then simply place the fireplace on your terrace and view it from every angle.

The Piquia is a compact outdoor fireplace. Available in a base with 4 legs.


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The Quaruba L is a movable outdoor fireplace and can be assembled as desired. Available in 3 models: L, XL and XXL.

Quaruba L

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The Quaruba is available in 3 different models L, XL and XXL.

Quaruba XL

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The various RB73 outdoor fireplaces are made of CorTen steel. This material is weather resistant, which means that the life of the product is considerably longer. In other words: place the stove outside and nature takes care of the rusting process. This makes each model unique. In addition, the outdoor fireplaces are closed so that you are not bothered by smoke, flying ash or fire sparks on your terrace.

The Quaruba XXL is the largest outdoor fireplace of the 3 different models.

Quaruba XXL

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De Quercus is een multifunctionele buitenhaard met stijlvolle pizza oven en buitenhaard in één.


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Deze 2 haarden zijn ontworpen door de bekende Nederlandse ontwerper Roderick Vos.

Fennek 50 80

Fennek 50 Fennek 80

The Bijuga is available in a base with 2 large wheels.


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As the Scandinavians say: “No terrace without a fire.” A statement that we interpret widely! In addition to wood-burning stoves, RB73 therefore also makes fire bowls that are not only functional but even stylish.

More than a fire bowl.


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Convenient wood storage from RB73.

BloX & BloXX

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Wood storage.


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