Quaruba XXL

The QUARUBA is a mobile outdoor heater and is available in three different models: L, XL and XXL. Model XXL is the middle of this series and is 105 centimeters high. The frame is made of corten steel and gives the stove the industrial look that comes into its own on every terrace.

The unique modular construction makes it possible to put together your own outdoor fireplace. The QUARUBA is supplied as standard on four legs. A stainless steel bolt is attached to each leg that can be turned out as desired so that the fireplace can be leveled. A mobile platform, on the other hand, is also possible. Handy if you have several terrace places! The door handle is concealed between the door panel and the right leg. The sides with glass are equipped with the SGI system. This 'clean glass system' ensures that an airflow is created close to the window. This promotes the combustion process. This means that the window remains exceptionally clean and you can continue to enjoy the atmospheric play of flames. If you choose for the variant with glass on 3 sides, the rear is fitted with a 3mm thick steel plate.

As an option, you can also choose for a concrete back wall. This is the same material as the bottom stones. The advantage is that more radiation heat is created at the front and the fireplace is better insulated, so that it burns better. In addition, it also looks very nice.

Do you want to place the fireplace 15 cm from a combustible wall? Then we recommend choosing the heat shield option. In combination with the concrete back wall, this ensures that the rear does not get hot.

View this fireplace on your terrace

Place this fireplace with your phone in AR and 3D on your terrace. Click on 'view in your space' at the bottom of the image and simply place the fireplace on your terrace and view it from every angle.

Technical information


  • Quaruba XXL
  • Quaruba XXL mobile (+ wheels)
  • 1 side glass (door)
    2 sides glass
    3 sides glass
    4 sides glass


  • Flue elbow 45 degrees
  • Flue elbow 90 degrees
  • Flue pipe L=500mm
  • Flue pipe L=1000mm
  • Sparkcatcher in the rain hood
  • CorTen steel floor plate (745 x 745 x 3 mm)
  • Mobile platform with castors
  • Concrete back wall
  • Heat shield

Technical drawing Quaruba XXL Technical drawing Quaruba XXL mobile

360º photos

Quaruba XXL MOBILE 4 sided glass

Quaruba XXL 4 sided glass

Quaruba XXL MOBILE 1 side glass

Quaruba XXL 1 side glass

Quaruba XXL MOBILE 3 sided glass

Quaruba XXL 3 sided glass

Quaruba XXL MOBILE 3 sided glass + heatshield

Quaruba XXL 3 sided glass + heatshield