Maintain your outdoor fireplace well

All our fireplaces are made of 3mm CorTen steel and the mounting materials of stainless steel. This ensures that our products have a very long lifespan. In addition, they do not require any post-treatment. CorTen steel is specially made for outdoor use.

We recommend the following for maintenance:

If the fireplace is not used for a while, remove the ash from the fireplace, otherwise it can get wet, which does not promote the lighting of the stove.
Keep the glasses clean, otherwise the dirt can burn in, in the long run and that is difficult to get rid of.
We supply a tube of copper grease with every fireplace. The hinges are already lubricated at the factory.        We recommend greasing the hinges with copper grease once a year.


  • Open the door
  • Lift the door so that it comes out of the hinge pin.
  • Put some copper grease in the hole of the top of the hinge that is welded to the door.
  • Replace the door